Why Use a Face Wash or Cleanser?

How Do I Use My Face Wash? And Which One Is Right For My Skin Type?

Benefits of Cleansing: Cleanser finish removing any of the products that we have on the skin. Remove oil and sebum that our skin naturally produce. Remove environmental pollution & free radicals that age the skin

Cleanser For Oily and Oily Combination skin

Cleanser for oily skin : Cleanser focus is to cutting some of the oil in your skin. You can cut some of the oil  with exfoliating ingredients such as papaya and pineapple found in the Lira Bio Cleanser. When you work the cleanser into the pore and get some of that oil out of the pore. 

Cleanser for Combination Skin: Combination skin can change from dry to oily depending on the weather or just stress levels. You might need to have multiple products depending on how severe the transitions are. Usually during the winter the skin is more dry you can use creamy cleanser and a gentle exfoliating cleanser during  the summer.

Cleanser for Oily, Acne, Blackheads , & Whiteheads

Cleanser for acne skin: Acne can feel dry or oily . The main issue with acne skin is over product of dry skin, overproduction of oil, clogging the pores and breathing bacteria. For those reasons you want to get rid of the oils and impurities from inside the pores so that way you're able to stop breakouts. The Lira Ice  cleanse is your best option Salicylic acid  goes into the pore and it will aid in the removal of the congestion. I also had probiotic and healing minerals to heal balance the skin and the damage acne has caused. 

Cleanser For Mature Skin & Dry Acne Skin

Cleanser for mature  skin: With mature skin you want to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Yo can achieve this by constantly stimulating the collagen production and removal of dry dead skin. Lira's Pro cleanser is perfect for aging skin lactic is a hydrating acid that will keep the skin hydrated and exfoliate to stimulate the collagen production. It also contains salicylic which aid in the exfoliation to stimulate the collagen, and makes this a good option for aging acne skin or dry acne skin.

Cleanser for Dry, Dry combination, & Pigmented Skin

Cleanser for dry skin:

If you are dry we want to stick to a creamy cleanser so that you hydrate the outer layer of the skin. Perfect cleanser is  Lira's Mystiq Creamy Cleanser. Dry skin tends to be dull this cleanser has Vitamin C and Mystiqua which will also illuminate the skin and brighten it given it more life.

Cleanser pigmented skin: Pigmented skin need a gentle exfoliating and brightening agents such as the ones found in the Mystiq Cleanser. Its gentle creamy formula will guarantee no irritation or over drying of the skin.

Face Wash for Sensitive Skin & Rosacea Skin

Sensitive Skin:

Usually has been compromise and need to be soothed and calmed. It need to be hydrated with on irritating ingredients. Hale & Hush is the sensitive skin specials. I have seen magical transformations with every client that use this line.

Proper Use: Make sure you work the product into skin using a circular motions. Do not miss the ears,  under chin, and neck. If you have facial hair or vellum (very thin facial hair) you want to make sure that you are getting the product into the pore and the root of the hair  For full benefit of the product you can leave it on for a minute.

Check Out this video where I walk you step by step on how to properly use a face wash.