Firming Anti Aging Facial

Our Zombie facial is just a fun halloween name for our Firming Facial!

Why is it call a Zombie Facial?

This facial consists of a mask that compresses the face, the comparison and the color of the masks gives you a second skin effect that makes you look like a zombie. When the mask is removed there are small veins on the neck that can also give you a zombie out of this earth look for a few minutes after the treatment.

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Is It worth the Zombie look?

Yes! It has amazing benefits and results.

In short this is a firming and tightening mask that combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in microcirculation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening of the face,neck and decollete.

The best part is that this facial provides instant gratification. You will experience firmer, tighter, and lifted compilation. Some of the wrinkles unfold right before your eyes. And you skin keeps regenerating and firming maintaining the results for longer.

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Why does it work ?

This facial is a multifunctional treatment: it detoxifies, lift,firms and oxygenices the skin. When we apply the peptide mask it dries providing a certain level of compression that

increases surface blood flow into dermal tissue delivering oxygen to the cells, the cell use the oxygen by the mitochondria and produces ATP or energy for our cells, providing a natural glow.

The oxygen is also carried to the fiberblast, the cell incharge of the productuction of collagen. This cause not only instant results but an ongoing renewal and production of collagen the will continue to give you results for the days to come.

Also resulting in a detoxification of the skin, which get rid of waist and toxin.

The end result a brighter, more lifted, tone compilation for days

What to expect

The Treatment takes about an hours. You skin is cleanse lightly exfoliated and a thin layer of the peptide mask is applied to face, neck and decollete. The mask is left on for up to 30 min. As the mask dries it feels tighter and tighter on the skin. A warm towel is applied to soften the mask and your skin is cleans up to three time to remove the mask completely.

Note: this treatment is not recommended if your claustrophobic