First Time Wax

What to Expect from your First Wax : Brazilian

So your are getting you first wax!

This is a must read before the treatment

Its always easier when your prepared !

1.Finding the right person for the job.

Ask friend or family or your dear friend google, read a few review. one or two review should be ok, remember good reviews are hard to find people are more prone to write bad reviews than a good one.

Look for small business it is more likely reviews are accurate, large franchise tend to change employees often and the reviews you are reading might be of someone who no longer works there. You can call the establishment to verify they are are there.

2.Prepare your mind

The pain related to a Brazilian wax or any wax come from you state of mind, anxiety, and anticipation.

Once you find your esthetician, you mind should be more at ease. Usually the first treatment is the most uncomfortable, but if you stay consistent and on schedule, the rest of the treatment should be more comfortable and at times painless. With time you might have little to no hair growth.

3.Preparing your body

It is important to keep the skin hydrated and exfoliated before the treatment. Contact you esthetician and ask if they carry aftercare product. Aftercare product provided for the best result: smoother, silkier skin with less possibilities for bumps or ingrown. Products are highly recommended so you might as well buy them before the treatment to prepare the skin.

Make sure that you are exfoliating the days leading up to the treatment and that you stop 2 days days before.

If you are very anxious about and know you have a low pain tolerance you can also invest in a numbing spray or cream. Sprays are easier to clean up and will affect the waxing process the least. Make sure you apply it about 30 minutes before the treatment and reapply 15 minutes before.

Hair should be about ¼ of an inch long around the size of a grain of rice or about weeks after you last shaved.

If the hair is too short the wax will not grab on to it properly and can not be removed. If it too long it can be more painful and a bit messier.


This does not all apply to Brazilian but a good tip to remember if you are waxing face or other body part. Make sure you're not on any medication or any treatment that might make skin sensitive, cause bleeding, and /or marks such as :

retin- A, acne med such as accutane, It is not recommended wax if use in past month, since skin can come off with wax.


Blood Thinner

24 to 48 hours before

No Tanning

No exfoliating

Alcohol & caffeine tighten pore and will make the experience painful

The Big Day

If you are doing this for a special event or trip make sure you do it a day before.

There could be some redness and the pore are open so there some activities you might want to avoid

Do not wear any creams or lotions or pre post treatment right before the treatment. If you do use numbing spray make sure you remove well before the treatment.

It is important that your skin is clean make sure you shower before your treatment and that you take fresh clean underwear for after the treatment preferably loose cotton so your body can breath and that you wear loose cloth to prevent rubbing and irritation of the area.

During The Treatment

Just lay back and relax, that is best thing you can to make the waxing experience easier.

You esthetician will know what to do with the product that they are using, some product require pre-treatment cleanser, oil, or powder and some don't. (keep this in mind that if you have ever visit a different establishment each will be different) same thing goes with order of service and technique.

The only thing that might be the same is that they will hold your skin tough to remove the wax and might press on the skin after removing to sooth the area and make the removal less painful.

Most estheticians /wax tech will also apply an aftercare product to soothe the skin.

24 to 48 hours after the treatment

The pore will be empty and open, you want to prevent bacteria or any thing for going the.

Avoid touching the area,


rubbing irritating area (sex)

Redness should go away after a few min, and any bump should go away within a few hours

Between Waxes

Wait 3 to 4 weeks before your next wax or for your hair to be ¼ of an inch again.

Use aftercare to prevent ingrowns and to moisturize prevent dry brittle hair that will break off and grow in right after.


Woman are more sensible to pain when we are ovulating close to period or on our period,

but it can be done. Consult your esthetician before if you are on your since this will be a personal preference, some esthetician will not wax on your period and some are ok with it.

Age Requirement

If you are under 18 consult with your esthetician, this depend on their rules and regulations. Most will proform wax on a minor with parent consent and the parent must usually be in the room during treatment.