Ultrasonic Cavitation : How to lose inches in an Hour?

Cavitation? What is cavitation ? Cavitation or ultrasonic cavitation is a type of ultrasound use to break down fat or liquify fat in fat cells. It is use to lose inches in the targeted area. Such as in abdominal area, love handles, back fat, arms , thighs, inner thighs and back of the legs. If combined with other modalities like radio frequency it can even help tighten and minimize cellulite , and the appearance of stretch marks.

How does it work ?

The ultrasound waves enter the body and the vibration make the fat liquify. Once the fat has liquified it can be excreted by the body through our excretory systems: urin, bowel, and sweat.

What to expect before the treatment ?

The ultrasound cavitation will liquefy fat with no work on your part in turn you will lose inches. But to take full advantage there are things you can do for ultimate results. To get the most for your money. We recommend you add cavitation to a healthy eating and exercise routine, that you supplement your weight loss efforts with the treatment. One ideal diet is a low carb diet so that your body can start using fat as energy. Once your start the treatment your body will already be using the fat for energy so it will help get rid of the liquefied fat faster. We also recommend drinking a lot of water before the treatment to start detoxify/ ridding your body of the fat faster. Adding some lemon or lime to you water will help target the fat and make the water more enjoyable to you, if water is not your thing.

What to expect during the treatment?

The treatment start with an intake of your information, questionnaire any health issues medical conditions and a release form. Quick consultation with measurements of the treatment area and before/after photos. Then the treatment is performed by applying an ultrasound water base gel for glading the ultrasound handheld head and wave penetration. the treatment lasts about 30 - 45 minutes. Depending on result you are looking to achieve. Ultrasound cavitation can be combined with other modalities such as radio frequency, vacuum or suction massage, body wrap, wood therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, ect. This will be determined by you and your therapist.

What to expect after the treatment ?

After the treatment measurement and pictures might be taken again. Some places will follow treatment with other treatments that help to stimulate excretion of the fat. You can expect to lose some cumulative inches and to continue to reduce in size as the days go by. You will continue to drink a lot of water, and follow a low carb diet for at least 3 days (72 hours.) Exercising with in 4 to 6 hours following the treatment is also recommended to flush system.

How many treatment will I need ?How often will I get the treatment?

The amount of treatment vary depending on the results you are trying to achieve. We usually recommend 3 -12 sessions, 3 to 7 days apart depending on what your doing outside of the treatments and how fast you want to achieve results. We do not recommend treatment be done sooner than 3 days apart because we do want to allow the body to rid itself of the fat. If you are not doing anything outside of the treatment we recommend at least 7 day to allow for this to happen.

Am I a candidate?

This treatment is ideal for people that have a few extra inches to loss or a few pounds to shed no more than 30 pounds. Large amounts of weight lost we recommend taking a break after 12 treatments. To allow the body to fully detoxify and give the liver a break. You and your therapist can come up with a weight loss plan.

This treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant, lactating, vascular, heart disease, anticoagulant and lipid lowering medication.

Always consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or taking any medication.

How much does it cost ?

Cost vary on location from $120 to $60 regular price. Some locations offer discounts if bought in package form.

Karina Saldivar